About OzPhoneReview

All phone and internet companies are the same, aren’t they?

Well, they’re not really, but there isn’t a single one that hasn’t rubbed up at least some of its customers in a screaming pile of frustration whenever they’ve had an issue to deal with – from billing enquiries, to technical issues to outright lies by overzealous salespeople.

In my experience, as a consumer and consumer advocate, there are certainly companies that generally provide better service than others, but NO telco in Australia has a completely clean sheet.

This site will examine some of the deals currently available for phone and internet packages in Australia and give my opinion on what’s good and what isn’t. But my experiences are only mine – and when I say, wow, Company X are so good I’m naming my next son after them (hmm… imagine calling your kid ‘Optus’) , well… that’s no guarantee that when they serve you they won’t completely fluck it up. Likewise, when i describe Company Y as not worthy of being a skid mark on the underpants of Telstra, chances are some of you out there probably think they’re OK.

So read on. Feel free to comment, disagree, be constructive or just let it all out if you have to.

And if you have a complaint about a telco?

I have friends who work in the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman’s Office. They tell me they love complaints.

You can contact them here.  And i can assure you the TIO aren’t paying me for that link.

UPDATE:  all reviews and posts from Ozphonereview are now being placed in full on stayhomeshopping.com. Look for our posts under “News and Reviews” / “Phone and Internet” / “Australian Telco Reviews”


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